Qualifications to Rent

To ensure that all applicants are treated equally, please read the following guidelines and policies prior to completing your application. If you feel you meet the qualification guidelines then we welcome you to submit an application. We only process one completed application at a time and in the order they are turned into our office. Incomplete applications will not be processed.

  • All occupants 18 years of age or older must each submit an application. If a guarantor is necessary, they must also submit a full application. Having a guarantor is subject to management approval.
  • A $40.00 non-refundable fee is required per application. Funds must accompany each application or application will not be processed. All fees must be paid through online application process. No personal checks or cash will be accepted.
  • To Process applications they must be accompanied by a document that verifies income, a picture ID issued by the state or federal government, and Landlord reference (if applicable). If an application is missing any of these items, your application will not be processed.

More than one applicant

  • In the event that there are multiple co-applicants, each adult applicant 18 years and older that will be living in the unit must submit a separate online application within 24 hours of the original applicant. If the applications for all of the co-applicants are not received within 24 hours of the original applications, the original application(s) will NOT be processed.
  • All co-applicants must submit an application and meet the approval requirements below. The co-applicant with the lowest approval grade will dictate the approval status and therefore the security deposit for the group. If any one applicant does not meet the qualifications to rent, the group will be denied.

Agency Disclosure

Tenant(s) are hereby notified that iPro Realty Network Property Management represents the Lessor or (Owner of the Rental Property) in the Lease agreement.

Credit History

A credit report will be processed on each applicant. Depending on these results, an additional deposit and/or Guarantor may be required. Lower credit scores, and certain credit history’s such as bankruptcies, accounts in collection, delinquent or charged off accounts may require higher security deposit, or be denied. Credit reports supplied by applicants will not be considered. If a guarantor is required, they must satisfy the criteria within this application including an established credit history with a positive rating. Guarantors are responsible for all obligations of all residents on the initial lease and subsequent leases, renewals, extensions and addendum’s.

All processed applications will either be, approved, approved with an increase in security deposit, denied, or returned for additional information within a reasonable time from receipt of the completed application. All completed applications received after hours, weekends or any holiday will be processed the following business day.

Landlord References

If we are not able to verify a positive landlord reference within 24 hours of receipt of the application, the applicant will be notified that it is their responsibility to ensure that their landlord contacts our office to provide a rental reference if they wish to be approved. Daytime phone numbers are required for rental references.

Income verification

  • You must be able to show income that is 3 times the monthly amount of rent in Gross Monthly income to qualify. To be counted as household income, amounts must be verifiable.
  • Self-employed applicants must provide previous 1 years tax statements and previous 3 months company bank statements.
  • Retired applicants must provide previous 3 months bank statements indicating their monthly direct deposit OR, provide documentation indicating monthly income, i.e. government letter of social security, disability, or retirement income.
  • College students without current income may be considered with a qualified co-signer and proof of full-time enrollment.
  • Relatives and friends are not acceptable rental references.
  • If you have sold your home and don’t have a landlord reference, provide a copy of the settlement paperwork. If you own a house that you are now renting, provide a copy of the lease agreement and your property manager’s contact information. Should the credit report come back with an “Address Discrepancy,” applicants must provide proof of their current address. Acceptable forms of proof include: driver’s license or valid state ID, current lease or mortgage statement, home utility or insurance bill, or a pay stub dated within the past 30 days.

Applicants will not be accepted for the following derogatory credit records

  • Eviction action and/or moneys owed to an apartment or landlord in the last 7 years.
  • All applicants currently listed on a sex offender registry will be denied.

Admin Fees

There will be a one time $185.00 lease initiation fee due at application approval, and a $5.00 monthly admin fee on all leases. If applicable, there will be a $15.00 monthly admin fee for process and delivery of each Utility Invoice. This fee will be due monthly with your rent payment. (This does not apply if the Water Public utility is included in the monthly rent).


Some Properties will not allow Pets. See rental ads for availability of pets. Adding an approved pet to the lease will require an additional $600 security deposit per pet that is refundable if no damage to the property. A pet rent is collected of $35 per pet per month with a maximum of 2 animals per property. Tenant will be subject to appropriate inspections and fees associated with pets in the property. All pets must be approved prior to occupying the property. All unauthorized or undocumented animals may be grounds for eviction and or fines.

Smoking Policy

There is NO smoking allowed at anytime inside or on the grounds of the property by tenants or any visitors. Smoking may be grounds for eviction and or fines.

Lead Base Paint and Asbestos

The dwelling you are applying for may or may not contain Lead Based Paint and/or Asbestos materials. This is especially true in pre-1978 residential properties. A lead paint Brochure is available to you. We do not test for Lead Paint or Asbestos. Lessor makes no representation as to whether or not this property contains Lead Based Paint or Asbestos unless otherwise specified. You will be provided a copy of the Lead Based paint disclosure prior to move-in as required by law. If you are concerned about Lead Based Paint or Asbestos exposure prior to making an application, please contact us for a copy of this brochure immediately before making application for tenancy.

Radon gas, Meth, or Mold

We do not test for these items Lessor. makes no representation as to whether or not this property contains Radon, Meth or Mold. We suggest you search these items if you have concerns.


We only allow 2 persons per legal bedroom. We also follow any county, city or State laws in regards to the number of unrelated persons that may rent a house.

Applying Before Seeing the Property – If Applicable

If you submit an application without taking the opportunity to physically visit and visually inspect the property, please understand that there are inherent risks and possible
misunderstandings in leasing and occupying a residential unit “sight unseen,” and the application fee will not be refunded should any such misunderstanding occur.

I/We have read and understand this Rental Qualification Criteria and that the Application Processing Fee is non-refundable.
Upon application approval, the security deposit must be paid within 24 hours of approval, and lease must be signed upon receipt. We use electronic leases for the majority of our properties, therefore each application must be submitted with a unique email address.